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Contracts - In Pictures


Expansion of Echo Galery in Kielce

Works in the GoSport object - general building works, sanitary, electrical works and telecommunication.…

Apartment building next to Sfera Shopping Centre in Bielsko Bia?a

Apartment building next to Sfera Shopping Centre in Bielsko Bia?a - construction and finishing.

REMMAR - We are creating b e a u t y for You

REM-MAR has already finalised hundreds of projects. Dozens of excellent references which can be found in this folder serve as a confirmation of these achievements, the company’s readiness to carry out subsequent tasks and to cooperate with new investors.


REM-MAR has been operating on the construction market since 1998.

From the moment we started providing construction services we have put an efficient organization and proper preparation of production process in the first place as well as high quality of our services based on the experience we have gained in Western Europe throughout years.
As early as at the stage of creating the company our goal was to form a completely professional construction company and this took place at the beginning of 21st century – crucial time for the whole market and especially for the building trade. Being aware that Poland’s entrance to the European Union would mean a dynamic expansion for our company, we devoted that time to observing the way in which large construction companies are run and to searching for future managing staff as well as subcontractors who would undertake to cooperate with us in general projects implementation.


In 2005 the company, which had constantly been moving forward, changed its strategy and began its way towards the world markets at the point of winning the contract for modernisation works at ‘ORCO’ the well-known office building in Warsaw. Nowadays, REM-MAR carries out projects all over the European Union with Plzen Plaza in Czech Republic.


Highly qualified and well-experienced managing and production staff as well as trustworthy and reliable suppliers and subcontractors, they all make it possible for various kinds of projects in either residential or commercial sectors to be carried out.


Organization chart of REMMAR Company

Quality and Environment Policy of REMMAR


We are inviting to cooperation!